My grandson, Ethan, drew a picture for me and left it for me as a surprise. Later, when I arrived home, I found it hanging on my refrigerator. In the picture he drew my SoulWork workbook but renamed it, Soul Searching by Nana. I was touched that he knew about my work and in some ways, I like his title for my book better than my own!

Even though I became a believer in my youth, I was neither grounded nor prepared for the challenges my life would bring. After much floundering around and soul searching over the years, I slowly gathered resources that proved to be life-changing—resources that helped me survive a life lived in front of thousands of people in a very public ministry. These practical, time-tested resources became the core of the curriculum I call SoulWork.

~Holly DelHousaye

But, What is The SoulWork Guide to Life?

The SoulWork Guide To Life is an incredible opportunity that will help you focus on your unique contribution to God’s kingdom.

SoulWork is designed to help you discover, develop, and steward your influence for the glory of God. Stewarding influence requires a strong commitment to building God’s kingdom on earth, living a kingdom lifestyle, and manifesting a servant’s attitude in serving God, the body of Christ, and the world. 

The SoulWork Guide To Life consists of nine powerful chapters designed to guide you through a creative defining process. Each chapter contains personal examples by Holly DelHousaye (the author) to give you a tangible model to follow. In addition, since this curriculum is applicable to both men and women, Holly provides her husband Darryl’s models as well to illustrate the male perspective.

SoulWork is extremely flexible and can be experienced in multiple ways: in a self-directed enrichment process by yourself; in the intimate setting of a small group (preferably three to six people); or as a curriculum for a one-on-one mentoring relationship. The order of the chapters can also be changed and rearranged to meet the needs of each individual or group member.

Thank you for being willing to embrace this journey. You’ll never be the same as you move out of your comfort zone to discover, develop, and steward your influence for the glory of God.

Start The SoulWork Guide To Life today and begin your journey into discovering who God created you to be!