The SoulWork Process

Freedom is what we all desire but don’t often experience—freedom to be ourselves, to run free in the way God designed, and to embrace life in all its fullness and promise.

Why don’t we run free? I believe it’s because of “flat sides.” I know I have them. You have them. We all have them!

What do I mean by flat sides? Imagine a circle in your mind. Now picture your life reflected by that circle. Is your circle perfectly round and full and complete? Is anyone’s? My circle isn’t perfect, but it’s in process—and it’s much more symmetrically beautiful than it was in the past.

Why do we have flat sides? I believe it’s because our development into a healthy, whole, complete individual has been hampered. How? Let me list a few barriers to growth:

  • a lack of self-awareness

  • a lack of understanding regarding the distortions in my life

  • an inability to harvest the wisdom from my life experiences

  • a one-sided relationship with God

  • an incongruence between what I say I believe and what I do

  • a lack of focus

The products I’ve organized into this SoulWork curriculum are powerful. They’re effective, and under the sensitive guidance of God, they produce transformation. It must be understood at the outset, however, that this experience is a process. Some products require two or three attempts before they’re ready to road-test. I always remind myself—and the individuals who embrace this process—that nothing is set in stone. There’s no reason to feel trapped by words. They’re flexible and moldable under the inspiration of God. So just let the process unfold naturally. Don’t stress or force progress. Instead, wait on God for His timing and His movement to give you the self-awareness and insight you need. You can trust Him for wonderful results—because, as we’re clearly reminded in Scripture, if we seek God’s face, He will be found (Matthew 7:8, Hebrews 11:6).

Another wonderful aspect of this personal enrichment process is that you are reminded once again that God is in the business of redemption. It’s the theme of the entire Bible! Rest in the comfort of this truth, and don’t be afraid to reveal yourself. As someone told me years ago, you cannot feel fully loved until you’re fully known. At first, I was skeptical too. But after gingerly experimenting with this concept I found that when I trusted mature believers with my vulnerability, I was not judged. Instead, I was transported into the world of freedom because there was nothing hiding in my life.

So, welcome to the adventure of SoulWork! As you get specific with God, He’ll get specific with you. Work hard, and you’ll be rewarded. Commit to completing the process, and you’ll be free to be yourself in a way you never imagined.

God be with you. I’ll do my best to point the way. It’s great to be…free to be me!

Your model in SoulWork is helping me navigate through life with grace and mercy.
— Kim V., Flagstaff, AZ