The History of SoulWork

In 1999 Holly DelHousaye began formally mentoring women in the Scottsdale/Phoenix community.

Holly soon discovered that organized materials were extremely helpful in facilitating the mentoring process. After gathering and refining her materials, she learned that they were effective with all types of women – single, married, professional women and stay-at-home moms. As word about the effectiveness of the materials spread, she found that many men embraced the SoulWork process, as well.

The materials have been refined and edited into a curriculum called SoulWork. SoulWork consists of nine powerful chapters. Each chapter is designed to support the process of developing a personal enrichment tool.

These tools include a brief spiritual history, a childhood myths exercise, worksheets for harvesting wisdom from life experiences, a personal mission statement, a stabilizing prayer journal process, a personal statement of faith, a personal dream statement and exercises to create life goals as well as three year goals.

SoulWork is divided into three sections – Who I Was, Who I Am and Who I Hope to Be. Each section strengthens the resolve necessary to break free from the past, fully engage in the present and joyfully embrace the future with a smile!

The ultimate goal of the SoulWork experience is to maximize the impact of godly people upon their spheres of influence. In Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman author Anne Ortlund explains, "Your lifelong task, at least from conversion on, whether married or single, is to influence everyone you can, by whatever means you can, to the same ends – to help them become temple material of gold, silver and precious stones."

SoulWork supports the process of discovering, developing and stewarding influence for the glory of God.

The legacy of SoulWork will reach many for years to come.
— Jessica N., Scottsdale, AZ