F.A.Q.’s about SoulWork

What is SoulWork?
In 1999 Holly DelHousaye began developing a curriculum of in-depth mentoring materials. The materials have been refined and edited into a curriculum called SoulWork. SoulWork consists of nine powerful chapters. Each chapter is designed to support the process of developing a personal enrichment tool.

Who is Holly DelHousaye?
Holly DelHousaye is a mentor to women preparing for future spiritual leadership, to women currently serving in positions of spiritual leadership and to women actively engaged in the business community. Holly and her husband, Darryl were married in 1970. They have served together as a ministry team in four different congregations ranging in size from 70-7000. They have 2 sons, 2 daughters-in-love and 6 grandchildren.

What kind of experience is it? 
SoulWork is extremely flexible and can be experienced in multiple ways: in a self-directed enrichment process by yourself; in the intimate setting of a small group (preferably three to six people); or as a curriculum for a one-on-one mentoring relationship. The order of the chapters can also be changed and rearranged to meet the needs of each individual or group member.

SoulWork is divided into three sections – Who I Was, Who I Am and Who I Hope to Be. Each section strengthens the resolve necessary to break free from the past, fully engage in the present and joyfully embrace the future with a smile!

To benefit the most from the SoulWork course you will need to allow plenty of time for reflection, prayer and processing. I always say that God is in the spaces. Be committed to wait on Him for insight that you need to understand yourself, as well as your past, present and future. With that being said it is probably a good idea to allow 3-4 weeks for each chapter if you are in a small group. If you are processing alone you can be flexible and move at your own pace. But, please don’t hurry. Allowing 9 months to adequately process is a luxury and it may be the only time in your life you can do this work.

How much time will it require?
Working through the SoulWork curriculum successfully most often requires two semesters or approximately a nine-month commitment. Two to three weeks are usually spent on each chapter for a total of approximately 28 meeting times.

How do I access the material?
The SoulWork course is available in two workbook formats – a three-hole punched glued edge binding to make it easy to tear apart or a perfect bound version that will become of journal of your experience. Both versions are $39.00.

How expensive is it?
The print version of The SoulWork Guide to Life can be purchased in either paperback or a 3-hole punch format for $39. Chapters can be purchased digitally for $5 each or the entire workbook downloaded for $39. (*Please note that currently The SoulWork Guide To Life can only be purchased at The Café Bookstore on the Shea campus of Scottsdale Bible Church. Select Here for more information.)

How does the SoulWork material breakdown?
    • Introduction: Free to Be Me
    • Part One: Who I Was
    • Chapter 1: Learn to Tell Your Story
    • Chapter 2: Paint a Portrait of Your Past
    • Chapter 3: Embrace Your Unique Ministry
    • Part Two: Who I Am
    • Chapter 4: Find Your Place in This World
    • Chapter 5: Nurture Your Relationship with God
    • Chapter 6: Create a Congruent Lifestyle
    • Part Three: Who I Hope to Be
    • Chapter 7: Live Inside Your Big Dream
    • Chapter 8: Partner with God for Your Future (Part 1) 
    • Chapter 9: Partner with God for Your Future (Part 2)
    • Resources

How difficult is the SoulWork curriculum?
The SoulWork experience is an exciting adventure in personal growth and development. The process is an intense spiritual commitment that requires adequate time for reflection and meditation. Each chapter requires discipline to prepare homework and wait on God for insight and understanding. However, to the same degree the material is challenging, it is incredibly rewarding as well.