I've been thinking about wonder...


In this four-part series testifying to transformation alchemy in the context of my own life, I shared in my first blog how I gained INSPIRATION from a quote by Anne Ortlund. Once inspired, I was directed to a passage of Scripture in 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 which added KNOWLEDGE to my INSPIRATION. I learned that I must be careful how I build on the foundation laid by Jesus Christ. I learned that the works I do in this life will be tested by fire and that the only kind that will survive are the ones that are selfless acts for which I receive no reward here on earth.

After experiencing hope welling up in my soul through INSPIRATION and new energy and direction surging through my mind and heart provided by KNOWLEDGE, I remember sitting in our little Baptist church in California marveling that God had chosen me to serve Him.

The WONDER of it all wasn't so much that God could use people, He obviously could and He did, but the WONDER - intense surprise or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new in one's experience - was that He wanted to use me! This realization made my heart soar!

A vision floated into my mind that cemented the WONDER I felt:

I saw myself standing before Christ. He said to me, "What did you do with the gifts and talents I gave you?" As a young wife, I remember mumbling something about how I assisted and supported my young minister husband. Wasn't that enough? My view of myself was that my husband was the primary worker for Christ and that I was a very distant, ineffective secondary character in my own story! Jesus looked at me lovingly but I could see the disappointment in His eyes that I was missing the point. He was speaking directly to me and His message became crystal clear! He wanted me to use everything He had given me in my own direct, purposeful ministry for His glory.

The WONDER of it all caused me to bow in humble adoration and in that moment I joined the throngs through the ages that have confessed, For You are great and do wondrous things; You alone are God. Psalm 86:10

I moved on then - deep in the process of change - filled with INSPIRATION + KNOWLEDGE + WONDER guiding me along a path God designed for me. However, it was not until I learned about TRUST and specifically the moment to moment call to "entrusting" that I was forever transformed.

Stay tuned in! Next week I will explain what I mean by "entrusting" in my fourth and final blog in this series on transformation alchemy.