I've been thinking about vision...


I was cleaning out an old briefcase recently and I came across a most interesting document.  The heading identified it as a vision statement for my old non-profit, Prickly Perspectives, Inc., dated June 2005. 

Thinking back, I remember gathering a group of supporters to discuss the future direction of my mentoring ministry.  I had a sense that God wanted me to expand into a larger collaborative effort.  I also remember asking my mentor and friend, Carol Travilla, to facilitate the discussion.  We met.  We talked.  We dreamed.

Here is the vision statement the group generated that evening:
Expand Prickly Perspectives, Inc. (PPI) into a unique collaborative ministry for empowering women.  Facilitate the development of a center that houses a variety of resources for helping women realize their dreams.

Perhaps some of you reading this blog attended this particular meeting.  If you were present, thank you for participating in birthing a vision that would ultimately serve God's sovereign purposes and bring Him great glory!  Perhaps some of you even contributed to bringing it to life by providing much needed prayer and financial support!

The best analogy to describe what God has accomplished since 2005 is to compare the development of the Center for Women with Vision (CWV) to the function of a spyglass.  A spyglass is a small, portable, hand-held telescope designed to magnify an image.  (You may recall seeing it in pirate movies - "Ahoy there matey; Yo Ho Ho; Shiver me timbers!")  The spyglass functions by "telescoping out" to its farthest range so distant objects appear nearer - or as near as possible. 

Once in a while a look through a spyglass provides just the motivation we need!  The image may seem fuzzy at first - because it exists only in imagination - but with the help of the spyglass "telescoping out" the image is enlarged, expanded, amplified and boosted!  Our infinite God is revealing His Big Dream - something presently immaterial - to our senses!  Wow!  We must work to make His Big Dream a reality because anything else would be irresponsible!

Certainly on that evening in 2005 the vision was fuzzy but the desire was planted!  PPI eventually went away along with all the responsibilities of running a non-profit.  God cleared my plate and focused me on a new vision.  Slowly through a careful and humble process that vision - the immaterial center for women - became a reality!

Looking back, I was always a dreamy kid.  It was not until writing this blog that I fully connected all the dots from my past to my present day!  Out from the Somewhere Over the Rainbow quality in me as a child sprang forth the visionary entrepreneur I am today! 

Looking ahead, it appears God has prepared me to be a visionary guide to women all around me who dream Big Dreams for God.  With the CWV a reality and growing, I am embarking on yet another telescoping of my Big Dream.  In my e-mail signature I capture the essence of where I am headed. 

I am challenging every woman I know - Let's dream together!
God is honored when we challenge one another to abandon small ambitions and attempt things which are great in His eyes, exceeding human capabilities for His own sovereign purposes and glory.

Amen and Amen!  O Lord, show Yourself faithful on behalf of my sisters (me hearties) in Christ who are daring to trust You for great things!