I've been thinking about roots...

Roots And Wings

My parents, Don and Mary Jo Briggs, have been closely connected to a small town in Iowa from many decades. They both were born around Marcus, Iowa - dad in 1927 and mom in 1930.

Marcus recently was given a restored 1929 Model A Ford that had once been owned by a beloved doctor, Dr. Michael Francis Joynt. The town of Marcus planned to feature the car in the annual Marcus Fair Parade and then put it on display at the Marcus Fair. Why all the fanfare?

Dr. Joynt practically "died with his boots on" after taking good care of everyone in Marcus for many years. Dr. Joynt came to Marcus in 1910, having just graduated from medical school. He stayed in Marcus for his entire career, retiring in 1955 and passing away in 1965.

As you can imagine, Dr. Joynt is remembered for many things - but one thing in particular stands out - ALL the babies he delivered. Each birth was carefully recorded in his "Delivery Record" book.

The Delivery Record lists the first birth he attended - August 2, 1910 - and the last - July 9, 1955. Over the course of his 45 year career in Marcus, Dr. Joynt delivered over 3000 babies. This is amazing considering that the population of the town of Marcus usually hovers around 1200.

My mom, who has worked in the Marcus Fair Booth for years, looked through the Delivery Record and there to her delight she found a special line - listed under the year 1949 - and the date of May 16th. There she found a line listing the name Donald Briggs and the careful notation of a birth of a daughter - Holly Linda - baby 1956 - ME!

Mom made a copy of the record and sent it along to me. Poof! I was immediately transported back in a unique way to my roots!

All these years later with much water under the bridge, I can truly appreciate the dedication of Dr. Joynt and the years he labored to serve the people of Marcus. What a legacy of love and loyalty. The kind of legacy that gives my heart wings and reminds me of what is important in life.

Don't miss it, Holly! Community and service and love and loyalty are where it is at and where it will always be at! The memory of Dr. Joynt gives me roots and wings!