I've been thinking about motivation...

A Strange Malaise

Malaise - an indefinite feeling of weakness often indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness; a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being

I have been contemplating why I am feeling a general sense of malaise. I noticed it recently when I was handed a job that requires energy and I found myself unable to initiate the way I would like to...

As a student of motivation, right here and right now I am making it my personal agenda to study my own lack of motivation. Am I feeling overwhelmed - as in - what can I possibly do that would matter? Am I feeling discouraged - as in - is the entire world going to hell in a hand basket? Am I feeling disheartened - as in - doesn't it seem like the enemy is trumping every hand?

A dear friend recently reminded me of the battle charge of the Women of Substance class at Scottsdale Bible Church. This was an enrichment hour ministy that four of us led during the middle 1990's. During that season a fragment of a verse in Daniel 11:32 became our class motto. It says "people (in our case - women) who know their God shall stand firm and take action."

In thinking about it now, the words instill a strength of purpose and motivation that stir the imaginations of my heart. What truly motivates me? A sense of wonder about possibilities... What would the world be like if I would not only firmly resist but take STRONG action based upon my loyalty to God?

Intersecting here, my mind wanders to recent discussions regarding what causes transformational change. All along in these discussions, I have been refining my own personal formula for change which currently goes like this:

inspiration + knowledge + wonder + trust = aspiring to change

I know my formula is a little complex right now, but I can't legitimately take away any of the concepts. If my attention is stirred and I become inspired, and then after gaining some experiential knowledge, a sense of wonder kicks in over the possibilities, and then I move to trust that I can actually do something, I am thinking that then and only then do I desire and aspire to take action! All of these steps are needed for transformational change!

What is the outcome of taking action? A robust, vigorous health which restores my strength in purpose and outlook. I stand up tall and become sturdy once again! Look out world!