I've been thinking about significance...


Synchronization or "syncing" is an important piece of technology that has come of age in this generation. We all know that data synchronization between our favorite devices is necessary to keep all of the facets of our daily lives organized and congruent.

However, I am thinking of a different kind of synchronization - the syncing up of my inner life - thought chatter going on inside my mind - with my outer life - the various events that affect my body and mark the passage of time.

As I think about it, the more proper way to describe what I am thinking may be the ability to be "in the moment" with both my body and my mind. One thing is certain - to be in the moment, I will need to slow down the rapid movement of the inner thought chatter.

I have heard the term "flight of ideas" to describe the meandering thought processes of a mind spun up on frenetic energy. Thoughts do literally fly through ours minds in brilliant, imaginative and unrestrained ways. Slowing them down takes an intentional effort!

I picture two wheels of sensory input turning at different rates - an inner wheel and an outer wheel - which I then work to connect so that they sync together in tempo, speed and duration. Only then can I truly relax into the moment and not miss the significance of where I am on my spiritual timeline - time being the medium for the passage of predestined events throughout the course of my life.

Wow! Heady stuff! But necessary to understand the SIGNIFICANCE of the things that happen to me. Significance is so often obscure or indirect. My only hope is to be alert to the possibility of something having major significance even though it may be disguised and then hope and pray that I "get it" when it happens.

O Lord, slow me down to catch the significance of the events of my life. Help me get what You are trying to tell me. Help me commit to syncing up instead of being out of sync most of the time... You are my only hope!

But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord.
At an acceptable time, O God,
in the abundance of Your steadfast love
answer me in Your saving faithfulness.

Psalm 69:13 ESV