I've been thinking about aesthetics...

Over The Moon In Aptos, California

I was surprised by joy this morning! Once again an unexpected aesthetic experience was downloaded into my memory database.

Before sunrise I awoke to my bedroom flooded with intense moonlight. Curiosity drew me out onto the terrace where I saw a stunning sight. A huge lustrous full moon, hung low on the horizon, was throwing down moonbeans on Monterey Bay so powerfully that the entire inlet in front of our condo was a sparkling shimmering mass of tremulous movement.

Mesmerized by the loveliness of it all, appreciation welled up in my soul for the gift and then, quite naturally, for the Giver of the gift. The moon, a natural satellite of the earth, is only visible because of reflected light from the sun. In Psalm 136, we read that God, in demonstrating His everlasting lovingkindness, created the sun to rule the day and the moon and stars to rule the night. He created this breathtaking display of splendor for me to delight in.

I added this new experience to others already etched on my soul. There was the time I walked home alone in softly falling snow after an afternoon movie. And, the time I watched a fairyland of fireflies from the upstairs window of my parent's Iowa home. And, the time I was entranced by orange and red leaves falling like rain in Arlington Cemetery. All of these memories have delighted my aesthetic senses and aroused a tremendous sense of wonderment and deep appreciation.

Who is this that grows like the dawn,
As beautiful as the full moon,
As pure as the sun,
As awesome as an army with banners?
Song of Solomon 6:10 (NASB)

Oh Lord, keep my eyes open and my soul ready to receive all that you have for me to appreciate in this beautiful world of Yours!