I've been thinking about energy...

Doling Out The Energy In Precise Doses!

Energy is power efficiently exerted. The study of energy and how it works itself out through a human body is fascinating to me. I have long been a student of my own energy supply. That is why I like a month-at-a-glance calender. I can better anticipate the energy ebbs and flows throughout the days ahead and manage my life more responsibly.

A good synonym for energy is strength. Having studied my energy flow, it is apparent to me that I do not have an unending supply of strength. It is so easy to become physically and emotionally exhausted. Therefore, how I use or conserve my strength is a matter of stewardship.

Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres, shares an interesting concept about energy in her book, Age is Just a Number. "One of the most important skills for a competitive swimmer is the ability to dole out energy in very precise doses. To win in the finals of a race at a big meet like the Olympic Trials, Olympic Games, or World Championships, you have to burn up enough speed in the preliminaries to make it to the semifinals, and enough speed in the semifinals to make the finals, but all the while conserving juice."

I like her metaphor of "juice" to describe energy. I remember a character in a movie once being described as having "lots of juice" and sure enough, when we were introduced to that character later in the story, he was fascinating.

As God's daughter, shouldn't I have "lots of juice" too? I have the unique privilege of replenishing my energy supply from the pool of His vitality as often as I desire. Scripture tells me this is so in Psalm 73:26, My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the STRENGTH of my heart and my portion forever. (ESV) 

I wonder if the reason I have limited energy is to remind me to come back to Him?