I've been thinking about windows...

Windows To God!

During one of my SoulWork groups, we had come to the point of consecrating three-minute testimonies for the glory of God. I routinely have women formally share their stories one after another with no comments in between. Then, we all stand, with the women holding their papers in their hands, and offer their work up as a sweet sacrifice to God for His use. This is certainly the most precious part of the SoulWork experience for me and I would guess for them, too.

Recently, one of the women in this same group suggested a new title for the whole experience - Windows to God! I've been thinking about her suggestion and I am excited about the ripple effect of this thought moving out from our sequestered meeting room.

I have used the metaphor that God is the picture and our lives are the frame for many years. But, as we sat and listened recently, it was apparent that these women's lives are indeed windows to God. He most assuredly uses the lives of individuals to reveal Himself and the work that He performs in the world. That particular day we were all gasping at the beauty and the clarity of the windows of vision that we experienced!

What is a window?
An opening - a chance or opportunity
especially in a wall - a barrier
for admission of light - to illuminate or enlighten spiritually

What specifically is a vision window?
It is when the barrier comes down for a few moments and we have the unique opportunity to get an actual glimpse of God up close and personal.

What was the immediate result of our experience?
We huddled in the corner, joined hands and jumped up and down together for joy! After all, when you get a chance to embrace an opportunity like this, you have no choice but to give it a big hug!