I've been thinking about belonging...

Where, Oh Where, Do I Belong?

belonging: a sense of a close or intimate relationship

A friend shared with me her experience with a famous lady in Christian circles, Vonette Bright. My friend did not know Vonette personally, but when they found themselves standing together in a lobby of a hotel, they began talking. Vonette volunteered that she planned to meet friends for lunch and then, moved by a desire to include my friend, she promptly took her by the arm and exuberantly said, "COME WITH US!"

We can all imagine the joyful surprise and delight of belonging even in a situation where we are not known. How much more do we long to belong where we are known? Especially when we believe we are known and loved deeply?

intimate relationship: a relationship marked by a warm friendship developing through a long association

When God commissioned Joshua to be the military leader of the Israelites in chapter one verse five of the book of Joshua, God said, I will not leave you or forsake you. In Hebrews 13:5, we are reminded that God makes the same promise to each and everyone of His children, I will never leave you nor forsake you.

So when times get tough and I struggle with belonging, I must remind myself that there is one place where I do belong without a doubt. I belong with my friend, Jesus, and with those who keep company with Him. Jesus, moved by a tremendous desire to include me, continually calls out exuberantly, "COME WITH US!"