I’ve been thinking about morphing…

PPI Is Morphing!

Seldom in life is one blessed with the kind of personal satisfaction that I have experienced in formally mentoring women over the past seven years. Since beginning Prickly Perspectives, Inc. in the fall of 1999, I have been privileged to guide over 60 women through an ever evolving personal enrichment process. My self-imposed internship has been a steep learning curve in the complexities of self-discovery for myself as well as the women God has entrusted to me. Often I have said that I mentor with a bent toward spiritual direction which requires listening with an ear for discerning the movement of the Holy Spirit. Of course serving others in this way requires careful attention to the details of my own life. After much reflection this spring, I have discerned three very significant things. First, God is bringing closure to the last seven years. Second, He is compelling me to steward all that I have learned and morph into something new. And third, He is pleased with my attentiveness to His direction and my willingness to be obedient!

Darryl and I met with Bobb Biehl in January to sort out issues relating to our personal and professional transition. During our time together I summarized the tools I use in mentoring women. Bobb encouraged me to write a curriculum with the material and in his characteristic way asked me to come up with a name for the project on the spot. Within seconds SoulWork came to mind. When I discovered that the domain name - SoulWork.org - was available I was hooked. I interpreted these events as a directional arrow from God to move out in confidence with the production of the SoulWork curriculum.

As a young girl I remember reading a column by Joyce Landorf in my Baptist Sunday School paper entitled I’ve Been Thinking. A small dream began in a corner of my heart as I imagined what it would be like to share my insights with others through my writing. The production of SoulWork is forcing me to produce an autobiography of how God has moved in and through my life. Each woman who embraces the SoulWork process will gradually replace my material with her own autobiography capturing her understanding of God’s movement in and through her life as well.

I am also feeling a definite push by God to move closer to Phoenix Seminary for the purpose of focusing some of my energy next year to the spouses of the Masters of Divinity students who are headed into full-time ministry. My plan is to add two student spouse groups to my schedule in the fall. I will continue to offer small group opportunities for women from the community in addition to facilitating an advanced group for women who have completed the basic curriculum.

In processing these things, I realize I am still looking for what is over the rainbow! My ultimate dream of creating a women’s center housing a variety of educational and developmental resources for helping individuals realize their dreams is coming true step-by-step under the mighty hand of God. The desire to see a beautiful complex serving the needs of our community will remain in my heart until it actually becomes a reality or the movement of God morphs me yet again into a new direction.