I’ve been thinking about change...

When God’s timing interseCts
Change is disorienting. Looking back, most of 2005 was characterized by feeling restless about the course of our lives. Clearly something was not right, but what? As the events of the year began to unfold, we were compelled to look around, listen and explore, “What is God saying?”

With both Scottsdale Bible Church and Phoenix Seminary evolving into complex entities, Darryl was stretched to the breaking point in his attempt to imitate Zorro straddling the backs of two horses running side by side at a full gallop. It became clear that there could only be two ways out of this kind of predicament – carefully maneuver down onto one horse or eventually be thrown off! 

witH our personal preparation
Life experiences - thirty-five years of marriage; thirty-one years spent in the senior pastor role; nurturing two church communities into fruitful vineyards; a multitude of personal life transitions; raising two sons, adding two beautiful daughters to our family and experiencing the joy of grandchildren – these have been our preparation. 

After waging numerous battles over the years we have much “blood on our tunics” and we have become wise to spiritual warfare. Viewing the landscape from this position, the word “legacy” is no longer simply a word in the dictionary but something that dominates our desires to shape the next generation and the next and the next… 

And obedience,
I heard a speaker say once that all change is perceived as loss by someone. This change has rocked my world and I am feeling loss. Yet, every time I make a decision to do the right thing even with a misty fog hugging my soul, I am practicing obedience. Every time I make a decision to trust God even during a season of reevaluating my life direction, I am practicing obedience. Every obedient decision leads to a course of action that is blessed by God and eventually to a lifetime that finishes strong. 

Darryl and I watched with great interest as Johnny Carson courageously decided to call it quits at the pinnacle of his career. Would we handle God’s compelling in our lives as graciously and wisely as this celebrity? These are the tests of obedience…

remarkable opportuNities
The Apostle Paul instructs in 2 Timothy 2:2, “What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” Men and women attending seminary have made many difficult, sacrificial choices to study and prepare themselves for a life of consecrated ministry. Even in their youthfulness they are placed on the fast track to maturity. They need helpful resources and practical sage advice. They need models of long term effective ministry. 

emerGe. – Anne Alexander
God’s plan for my life is profoundly simple. As I place my soul in His care and allow His love to penetrate my inner being, His love flows through me to others. This is my clear mission in the days ahead. Darryl and I are exhilarated by the possibilities of Phoenix Seminary, we are humbled at the challenges and we are looking to Jesus to help us find our way home at the end of the road.

Are you opEn to a change?