I’ve been thinking about heaven...

Just Think About It!

When things get tough here on earth sometimes it is good to think about the wonders of heaven. After David Kraft died, his six-year-old daughter, Karen, introduced me to this little song. Heaven is a wonderful place, filled with glory and grace. I’m going to see my Savior’s face. Heaven is a wonderful, heaven is a glorious, heaven is a wonderful place. Joyce Brown captured some interesting concepts about heaven in her book, Snapshots of Heaven. What amazing possibilities! Just think about it!

In heaven…

We’ll arm wrestle with Samson, go fishing with Peter, ask Noah how he got all the animals into the ark, hear what Daniel was thinking as he looked at those lions, and listen to Mary’s stories about Jesus’ childhood.

We’ll be reunited with dear friends and family members who have died. We’ll get to know countless generations of our ancestors. We’ll meet people whose lives we touched in ways we never knew. And we’ll never run out of things to talk about!

We’ll be surrounded by heroes – the finest, brightest, bravest, most noble people from all over the world throughout all time. 

We’ll get to know angels who were on hand when the earth was created, angels who sang to the shepherds that first Christmas, and angels who watched over us on earth.

We’ll believe everything we hear. There won’t be any slanted news, distorted facts, or exaggerated stories. No deceptions or lies. Truth will reign.

Many people will have to find new vocations. There won’t be any need for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, lawyers, social workers, beauticians, psychiatrists, insurance agents, soldiers, bankers, undertakers, tax collectors, police, or repairmen.

Wherever we go, we’ll be home. We’ll never wish we were somewhere else, doing something else, or with someone else.

There won’t be any cosmetic counters; every woman will be gorgeous naturally!

We’ll never be anxious or impatient for the future because our attention will be totally captivated by unimaginable joy and miraculous wonders of the present.

There will be only two kinds of tears – tears of laughter and tears of joy. We will never be angry, lonely, frustrated, frightened, discouraged, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, or depressed.

We won’t say, “How are you?” in greeting because the answer will always be the same: “Fantastic!” or “Incredible!” or “Unbelievable!”
No one will warn us to “Be careful” because there won’t be any dangers.

There won’t by any wrinkled faces, gray hair, or bald heads; no false teeth or bifocals, no stooped shoulders, arthritic joints, or fading memories. Everyone will be in the prime of life forever.

It will always be spring, always be morning, always the beginning – never the end.

The good news is that God will welcome all into heaven who have welcomed Jesus into their hearts.