I’ve been thinking about dreams...

Thank you, Dream Giver!
Thank you for the gift of my big dream.


Ordinary looked and looked. 
And then he discovered that in a small corner of his heart lay a Big Dream. 

- Bruce Wilkinson, The Dream Giver, p. 14

In 1999, I discovered a Big Dream in a small corner of my heart that seemed so impossible, I would never have attempted it without the steadfast support of my husband, Darryl, my covenant friend, Jacque Chadwick, and a ministry-minded attorney named John Politan. That year Darryl forced me to come up with a name, create a mission statement and objectives so that John could write up the incorporation papers. A very big THANK YOU to you Darryl and John, as well as Jacque who along with Cindy Montgomery served as my original board members, for your unshakeable belief in my Big Dream! 


Every Dreamer soon learns that the road to the future you really want is clogged with Dream-threatening obstacles. That’s why so many turn back. 
The Dream Giver, p. 8

Any number of things could have extinguished my Big Dream if it had not been for a formidable entourage of women who appeared at just the right time to coach me around and through Dream-threatening obstacles. THANK YOU Carol Travilla, Bev Lehsten, Mary Jane Farr, Sandy Wilson, Celestia Tracy, Diane Grant, Glenna Wilger and Sharon Sullivan for your love and commitment to me.


Champion sat down on the rock beside him. “When I heard you had become a Dreamer, I just had to come,” he said. “I knew you’d need help.” 
The Dream Giver, p. 29

Listed around the border are many Champions who stepped up to finance PPI when I needed help. I will never forget your kindness to me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.