Frequently Asked Questions about SoulWork

What is SoulWork?
In 1999 Holly DelHousaye began developing a curriculum of in-depth mentoring materials. The materials have been refined and edited into a curriculum called SoulWork. SoulWork consists of eight powerful chapters. Each chapter is designed to support the process of developing a personal enrichment tool.


Who is Holly DelHousaye?
Holly DelHousaye is a mentor to women preparing for future spiritual leadership, to women currently serving in positions of spiritual leadership and to women actively engaged in the business community. Holly and her husband, Darryl, have been married for over forty years. They have served together as a ministry team in four different congregations ranging in size from 70-7000. They have 2 sons, 2 daughters-in-love and 6 grandchildren.


What kind of experience is it?
The SoulWork curriculum can be experienced three ways:
1) in a one-on-one relationship between a facilitator and an individual;
2) in a small group of 3-6 women, including the facilitator; or
3) on a self-guided individual basis, although this is not recommended except in cases where it is the only option.

SoulWork is divided into three sections – Who I Was, Who I Am and Who I Hope to Be. Each section strengthens the resolve necessary to break free from the past, fully engage in the present and joyfully embrace the future with a smile!

Holly has often referred to SoulWork as "Pilates for the Soul." Similar to the benefits of a healthy physical workout, the soul is strengthened by the stimulating spiritual workout this curriculum provides.


How much time will it require?
Working through the SoulWork curriculum successfully most often requires two semesters or approximately a nine-month commitment. Two to three weeks are usually spent on each chapter for a total of approximately 28 meeting times.


How do I access the material?
Each section or chapter is downloaded from the SoulWork website at on an as-needed basis.


How expensive is it?
Each chapter download costs $10.00. There are a variety of ways to purchase the curriculum. It is possible for mentors, teachers, leaders and facilitators to download sections or even the entire curriculum in one purchase. Mentees are encouraged to download at a slower pace - usually on a chapter by chapter basis. Costs for mentees are spread througout the SoulWork experience. 


How does the SoulWork material breakdown?
    • Cover/Prologue/Introduction – Free to Be Me
    • Section One: WHO I WAS – Ready, Set, Go Worksheets
    • Chapter 1: Learn to Tell Your Story: Developing Your Personal Testimony
    • Chapter 2: Paint a Portrait of Your Past: Understanding Your Childhood Myths
    • Section Two: WHO I AM – Ready, Set, Go Worksheets
    • Chapter 3: Find Your Place in This World: Discerning Your Personal Mission
    • Chapter 4: Nurture Your Relationship with God: Unlocking the Power of Prayer
    • Chapter 5: Create a Congruent Lifestyle: Affirming What You Really Believe
    • Section Three: WHO I HOPE TO BE – Ready, Set Go Worksheets
    • Chapter 6: Live Inside Your Big Dream: Doing What God Wants Done Through Me.
    • Chapter 7: Embrace Your Unique Ministry: Generating Your Legacy of Wisdom
    • Chapter 8: Partner With God for Your Future: Strategizing Your Motivational Goals
    • Epilogue/Resources/Appendix – Ready to Be Me


How many pages will I be downloading altogether?
The SoulWork notebook contains over 300 pages. Each page is printed on one side only. The materials will require a sturdy 3-inch, 3-ring binder after all the downloads are completed.


Can I download all the material at once?
Yes, but this is NOT recommended - especially for mentees. Even future mentors/facilitators need to slowly process the SoulWork curriculum before leading others through the experience. Downloading all the material at once is overwhelming. It is designed to be broken down into small increments.


How difficult is the SoulWork curriculum?
The SoulWork experience is an exciting adventure in personal growth and development. The process is an intense spiritual commitment that requires adequate time for reflection and meditation. Each chapter requires discipline to prepare homework and wait on God for insight and understanding. However, to the same degree the material is challenging, it is incredibly rewarding as well.