About the Author

Holly DelHousaye (pronounced del-who-say) has been formally mentoring women since 1999.

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Holly DelHousaye - Author of SoulWork


The Benefits of SoulWork

• Develop your brief spiritual history
• Explore the myths of your childhood
• Create your personal mission statement
• Embrace your unique giftedness
• Create your personal dream statement
• Unlock the power of prayer through journaling
• Harvest wisdom from life experiences
• Prepare practical life goals

The SoulWork Process

Freedom is what we all desire but don’t often experience. Freedom to be ourselves! To run free in the way God designed and to embrace life in all of its fullness and promise.

Why don’t we run free? I believe it is because of flat sides. I know I have them. You have them. We all have them!

What do I mean by flat sides? Imagine a circle in your mind. Now picture your life reflected by that circle. Is your circle perfectly round and full and complete? Is anyone’s? My circle is not perfect but it is in process and it is much more symmetrically beautiful than it was in the past.

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SoulWork - Pilates for the Soul

SoulWork supports the process of discovering, developing and stewarding influence for the glory of God.

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SoulWork, Inc.

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